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Product name

Medical oxygen generator CR-ZY3LW

Product description
Medical oxygen generator 3L
The large high-definition screen display is provided.
93% high-purity oxygen concentration is provided.
The oxygen discharge content is 3L/min.
The machine weight is less than 13Kg.
The four intelligent safety protections and four intelligent alarms are provided.
It is more quiet, and the noise is less than 45dB.
The atomization function is provided.
The compressor has no fault in 30000h.
Flow knob
Large high-definition screen display
Flow window
Large high-definition screen display
Humidifying cup
Small universal wheel
Air inlet
  Power supply           220v±50HZ  Noise             ≤45dB
  Power  ≤300w  Net weight           13kg
  Flow of oxygen  0.5-3L/min  Oxygen concentration      93%±3%

  After sales      

 Once year for complete machine Five  years for compressor  Product volume       47*28.5*55.6cm
  Main raw material  Imported molecular sieve  Compressor          Imported compressor


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