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Product name

Wheelchair KL-D01ZL

Product description
Body color:
Buckle-style backrest
Cushion and backrest are detachable;
the tightness of the buckle-style
backrest inside is adjustable;it is
breathable, easy to disassemble and
convenient to move
High strength aluminum alloy frame
The frame is made of high-strength
aluminum alloy, with varnished surface
and is beautiful, lightweight,
and corrosion-resistant
The footrest can be disassembled quickly
Stir the lock, rotate it outside,
and the footrest can be reassembled quickly
Detachable wheels
After closing, the volume is small,
easy to use and travel by car
Both sides are
equipped with brakes
Pedal height and angle are adjustable
The user not only can adjust the height of
the pedal according to demands, but also
can adjust the angle of the pedal by
rotating it inside and outside
Mobile armrest
Stir the lock gently,
the armrest can be
lifted backward
Double cross-shaped brackets
anti-hypsokinesis wheel
quick release of footrest
mobile armrest
storage bag on the back
Wheelchair Length(mm) 1180 Front Wheel(inch) 6" Armrest Height(mm) 230
Open Wheelchair Width(mm) 660 Seat Height(inch) 24" Distance between Armrests(mm) 450
 Wheelchair Height(mm) 1320 Seat Height(mm) 520 Pedal Clearance(mm) 115
Wheelchair Width(mm) 360 Seat Depth(mm) 460 Load,(K g) 100
Seat Width(mm) 460 Backrest Height(mm) 490 Net Weight(K g) 23.35
Note: The error range of all the sizes of the manual wheelchair is ± 5%
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