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Health care industry strategic planning to listen to what the country said?

2017-07-10 15:15
Strategic emerging industries on behalf of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and the direction of industrial change is to nurture the development of new kinetic energy, access to future competitive advantage of the key areas of new advantages. "Thirteen five" period, the strategic emerging industries should be placed in a more prominent position of economic and social development, and vigorously build a new system of modern industry. promote sustained and healthy economic and social development. According to the "13th Five-Year Plan" related to the deployment, specially prepared this plan, the planning period of 2016-2020. Which information related to the field of health care, small C for you as follows Oh -
The same time as the above
Box 1 Broadband Village Demonstration Project
The same time as the above-
To carry out the work of universal service pilot telecom, to promote triple play, to speed up the cable, satellite communications into the village building, on-demand fiber-to-home network and the fourth generation mobile communication (4G) network to the natural villages and households to extend coverage. the use of satellite. mobile Communications and other technical innovation to strengthen the island. remote areas, mountains and other coverage, to speed up the popularization of e-commerce, distance education, telemedicine. intelligent agriculture, e-government and other information applications, support poverty alleviation .
The same time as the above-
Box 3 Big Data Development Project
The same time as the above-
Integration of existing resources, the construction of government data sharing exchange platform and data open platform, improve the large data sharing circulation system, large data standard system, large data security system to promote the realization of credit, transportation, health care, education, environment, safety supervision and other government Data sets are open to society. Support large-scale data technology research and development and industrialization, in key areas to carry out large-scale data demonstration applications, the implementation of national information security special, and promote large-scale data related industries healthy and rapid development
The same time as the above-
Box 5 Artificial Intelligence Innovation Project
The same time as the above-
Promote the development of basic theory and core technology, realize the industrialization of human neural computing chip, intelligent robot and intelligent application system, and embed new artificial intelligence technology in various fields. Construction of artificial intelligence public service platform and open to the community backbone enterprises R & D service platform. Establish a sound artificial intelligence "double hit" support service system.
The same time as the above-
Build the manufacturing industry chain. Breakthrough titanium alloy, high strength alloy steel, high temperature alloy, high temperature and high strength engineering plastics and other materials for the production of special materials. Build up the material manufacturing technology research and development platform to enhance the level of technology. Developed to promote the use of laser, electron beam, ion beam and other energy-driven mainstream material manufacturing process equipment. Speed ​​up the development of high-power fiber lasers, scanning galvanometer, dynamic focusing lens and high-performance electronic guns and other supporting core devices and embedded software systems to enhance the ability of collaborative hardware and software, the establishment of material manufacturing standard system. In the aerospace, medical equipment, transportation equipment, cultural and creative, personalized manufacturing and other fields to vigorously promote the use of materials manufacturing technology to accelerate the development of timber manufacturing services .      
The same time as the above-
Speed ​​up the pace of innovation and development of bio-industry, cultivate a new impetus to the biological economy - to grasp the development of life sciences in depth, the new application of biological new technology and integration of innovative new trends to the rapid development of genetic technology as an opportunity to promote medical care and personalized medical development , To accelerate the transformation of agricultural breeding to efficient and efficient breeding, to expand new areas of marine biological resources, to promote the biotechnology and products in a wider range of alternative applications to a new development model to help large-scale application of bio-energy, cultivate high-quality specialized biological services Format, the biological economy to accelerate into the information economy after the important new economic form, for healthy China, the beautiful Chinese construction to provide new support. By 2020, the scale of bio-industry reached 8-10 trillion yuan, forming a number of new international competitiveness of the new biotechnology companies and bio-economic clusters.
The same time as the above-
(A) innovative biomedical supervision. The establishment of a more scientific and efficient way of medical review and approval, to speed up the drug market license holder system pilot, to speed up the quality of generic drugs and efficacy of consistency evaluation, to explore the medical new technology clinical experimental research system accreditation system. Improve the drug procurement mechanism, and comprehensively promote the pharmaceutical prices and industry regulation and other areas of institutional reform.
The same time as the above-
(B) to enhance the level of development of biomedical engineering. Deepen the development of biomedical engineering technology and information technology, accelerate the reform of industry regulation, actively develop new medical devices, build new models of mobile medical care and telemedicine, promote the development of smart medical industry, promote the application of high performance medical devices, promote the life science New technology development of new instruments and reagents R & D to enhance the overall competitiveness of China's biomedical engineering industry.
The same time as the above-
(C) the development of intelligent mobile new medical equipment. Development of intelligent medical equipment and its software and supporting reagents, all-round telemedicine service platform and terminal equipment, the development of mobile medical services, the development of relevant data standards to promote interconnection, the initial establishment of information technology and biotechnology deep integration of modern intelligent medical service system The
(D) the development of high-performance medical equipment and core components. Development of high-quality medical imaging equipment, advanced radiation therapy equipment, high-throughput low-cost gene sequencer, gene editing equipment, rehabilitation medical equipment and other medical equipment, a substantial increase in medical equipment stability and reliability. The use of increased manufacturing and other new technologies to speed up the organization and organ repair and alternative materials and plant into the medical device product innovation and industrialization. Accelerate the development of in vitro diagnostic instruments, equipment, reagents and other new products to promote high specific molecular diagnosis, bio-chip and other new technology development, support the tumor, genetic diseases and rare diseases such as rapid and accurate diagnosis in vitro screening.
The same time as the above-
Box 12 Biotechnology Huimin Project
Promote the construction of networked gene technology application demonstration center, to carry out birth defects gene screening, early screening of cancer and medication guidance and other application demonstration. Development and application of new biological therapy technology, to promote the new individualized biological treatment standardization and standardization. Development of intelligent and high-performance medical equipment, support enterprises, medical institutions, research institutions and other joint construction of third-party imaging center, to carry out collaborative diagnosis and training, training to establish a resident health image files. To carry out regional comprehensive application demonstration, to achieve regional bio-based plastic products, packaging materials and other alternative to more than 50% of the traditional petrochemical plastic products. In the town or business around the construction of biomass centralized gas heating demonstration project to explore the multi-collaborative win-win market-oriented development model.
Expand the development of a number of world-class strategic development of new industries - to promote the Northeast to vigorously develop the robot and intelligent equipment, optoelectronics, biomedicine and medical equipment, information services and other industries to Shenyang, Dalian, Harbin, Changchun as the fulcrum, Regional urban agglomeration to build the leading strategic emerging industrial clusters, promote regional economic restructuring and upgrading.