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 Carer,an emerging high-tech medical equipment R&D enterprise with rising fame in the industry with a construction area of 20,000 square meters, mainly produces rehabilitation medical equipment, including oxygenators, wheelchairs, atomizers, electronic sphygmomanometers, and electronic thermometers five series. The products cover the whole country and are exported to European and American countries.
Together with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other national top-level scientific research institutions, we adhere to a development concept of high technology, low energy consumption, excellent experience and benefiting to people’s livelihood, and create unique brand culture.
With meeting consumer demands as the core values, Carer provides customers with quality value-added services. Moreover, Carer actively advocates putting products in the first place, strictly follows the 4 “S” product concept of “Safety, Stylish, Smart, Small” and promotes the effective docking of products with the international market. 
Carer takes improving the health of the people and enhancing the quality of people’s life as its responsibility, focuses on the development of civilian medical equipment, tackles challenges on the entrepreneurial road constantly, marches forward with heavy load, and aims to achieve the lofty cause ideal.
In Suzhou, a beautiful ancient city of China, Carer carefully depicts the brilliant picture of the Chinese medical technology, and adds luster to the Chinese dream.